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Jacques Belzil, Licensed Real Estate Broker

Jacques Belzil

Mr. Belzil stands out for his kind-hearted nature, human approach and the passion with which he helps people. He has over 27 years of experience in real estate in Laval and on the North Shore of Montreal.

His in-depth knowledge of the market, both for buying and selling, and his talents as a mediator have given him a solid reputation. Quality, efficiency and professionalism are the values he promotes and shares with his team. Together, they do not back down from a sale, but always make sure it goes smoothly with the sole purpose of satisfying their client and making him happy. His expertise and commitment have earned him many positive client reviews and have carved a prominent spot for him in the industry.

Despite a busy work schedule, Mr. Belzil also donates his time to Opération Enfant Soleil, a cause he holds dear. He encourages you to donate to the cause and help the children of this province.

Licensed Real Estate Broker
RE/MAX 2000 J.B. Inc.
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José Luis Régo, Real Estate Broker

José Luis Régo

José Luis is passionate about real estate. Working at RE/MAX since 2002, he has always been generous with his time and attention in order to properly understand his clients' needs when searching for a property. For him, every client is very important. A chef by training, his meticulous attention to detail and his friendly personality have followed him into his real estate career. He knows how to stand out to make your buying or selling experience an enjoyable one.

His commitment and professionalism are what set him apart. Being cheerful, positive, compassionate, energetic and always listening to others are his priorities. He speaks five languages: French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Greek.

Real Estate Broker
RE/MAX 2000 J.B. Inc.
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