Agent profile - Jacques Belzil in a nutshell! Jacques Belzil is a people person. This is the main reason he got into real estate back in 1989. A former property manager, investor, foundation administrator and even chef, he prefers interacting with people. Regardless of the job he was in, some qualities always stuck out. His creativity, rallying spirit, sense of organization and leadership skills are just a few examples.

He spent his formative years at Century 21, where he took classes for close to 5 years. In his first month he made three sales, which was an omen of the prolific career to come. He then launched Maison Plus, his own real estate agency, which he managed for two years.

This experience taught him a lot about himself and the importance of associating with a renowned name. That is why he joined RE/MAX 2000 in 1994.

Despite his successful start and his prolific career, Jacques Belzil is straightforward:
«When I started in real estate, my goal wasn't only to make money, but to first earn credibility with my peers, and make sure my clients were entirely satisfied. And I haven't stopped wanting to make people happy!» Instead of slowing down, Jacques Belzil has maintained and even increased his pace. His motivation? To pursue his dreams! And his passion has made it well worth it! By always giving it his all and staying positive, his career has flourished.

He is well aware of his great work experience—something he shares as much as possible with others by mentoring new agents. Whether it's for an offer to purchase, if the other agent has forgotten something or during negotiations, he is always eager to help. "I don't have competitors, just colleagues. If I can help, I do. My motto is that you need to give in order to receive." With a new team in place since January, Mr. Belzil and his 5 brokers are in the perfect position to do just that. He has implemented a work process that is shared by all, creating an excellent system with plenty of success.

Once again this year, Mr. Belzil and his brokers will participate in the Opération Enfant Soleil fundraising campaign in an original and extremely effective manner: selling booklets! "It's quite simple really. In our profession, we are constantly in contact with people—most of whom we've made happy. After a sale for example, the broker sells a booklet of tickets to the client. The client then sells the tickets to his friends and family." It's that simple. The Team is also generous in their support of these two causes: The Breast Cancer Foundation and the Mental Illness Foundation.

Congratulations Mr. Belzil for all your success, especially making people happy!

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Awards and Distinctions

  • First seller at RE/MAX 2000 inc. from 1996 to 2016;
  • Won 5 times the Platinum trophy;
  • Won 11 times the Chairman trophy;
  • Won 2 times the Diamond trophy;
  • Won the Titan trophy;
  • Recipient of the prestigious trophies Lifetime Achievement and Cercle des Légendes;
  • Receives the trophy for the largest number of transactions in Quebec from 2004 to 2006 in the "individual" category and also in 2011 in the "team" category;
  • More than 3500 properties sold in career;
  • TOP 10 best team in Quebec;
  • We have helped more than 3500 families to fulfill their dreams since 2012;
  • The Belzil team realizes average deadlines of sales faster than all the brokers working in its sector.